With a variety heavy-duty hitch mounted mud flaps on the American market, Rock Tamers are known to be the leader among truck and pickup drivers. Rock Tamers are valued because they last, perform and they can always be repaired when with time certain parts get worn out. Any component can be easily replaced, as the brand lists all spare parts for sale. So when it is time to fix something, you can just order the new component, replace it and enjoy safe towing again without hassle or extra expenses.

This is a convenient solution that the other brands usually do not offer and when the hitch mounted mud flaps are out of the warranty, you can no longer get the replacement pieces from the manufacturer, and that’s where the hassle begins. Rock Tamers mud flap systems are available in Canada, Australia, USA and many other countries, where people are into towing and wish to protect what they tow.


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Heavy Duty mud flaps by Rock Tamers are available in 2 sizes, which may make people think that they are getting a universal system for their truck or dually. However, Rock Tamers allows for making their mud flap systems fit right the truck you buy it for. With a variety of setup options, one can make Rock Tamers mud flaps fit their truck the custom way. That’s what thousands of the Rock Tamers reviews say.

People also appreciate the fact, that Rock Tamers parts come with easy-to-follow instructions, so the installation is very easy. Plus, you get everything needed for the installation in a kit, so you do not have to worry that the installation will take you several days as something important will be missing.

Rock Tamers Reviews

2019 Nissan Frontier
City, State: Elizabethtown, KY

I've got a brand-new truck and just wanted to protect it from debris flying from the wheels. Rock Tamers is the way to go!

2017 Chevy Colorado
City, State: Biloxi, MS

Good full-size mud flaps for those, who tow. I remove them when I am not planning to tow anything with my Colorado truck. I like the way they adjust, especially when the ride height changes because of cargo/towable. I haven't seen the other assembly, that would adjust the same way.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD
City, State: Long Lake, WI

I am into fishing, so quite often I tow a boat with my Silverado truck. Rock Tamers I picked up from Amazon are a good thing to have for those, who want to protect their truck and towable. A good investment for the money.

GMC Sierra 3500HD
City, State: New York, NY

I've got a brand new Sierra (I picked it up this spring), so I took care of its protection, as in summer me and my family enjoy camping. Camping means having to tow a camper, and when you tow something, you get all the stones hitting your truck, which kinda sycks, especially if you have got a brand-new truck. So I bought a set of Rock Tamers, and I am happy with the purchase! Good protection, easy installation.

Toyota Tacoma
City, State: Jacumba, CA

I bought a set of rock tamers mud flaps for my Tacoma, as in summer I have to tow a trailer with it. I like ease of installation (it has taken me about 40 minutes to install the system once I got it). Now, I remove the mud flaps when they are not in use, and put them on my Tacoma when I am about to tow my trailer. Good investment for those, who tow...

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