How to Upgrade Your Stock Headlights

Factory headlights work great until you realize, that there is always space to improve. When this happens, you start thinking about the most effective ways to upgrade headlights. Modern aftermarket industry has a lot of offers for different vehicle applications. So, it is just up to you to decide.


How to Upgrade Stock Headlights

Here are some things one should keep in mind when upgrading your factory lighting.

  • Think of what you want to get as a result.
  • Make a list of upgrades.
  • Check all the bulb sizes (as long as you plan on adding aftermarket lights) to make sure you are buying the right bulbs.
  • See the installation instructions to make sure you will be able to make your upgrade work. Or check with the installer to see, how much they will charge for the job. This will help you avoid extra expenses.

The Most Popular Headlight Upgrades

  • Getting brighter bulbs. There are several routes one can go. You can just pick better halogen bulbs if you do not wish to modify anything. Sylvania Silverstars, Philips, Osram are just some manufacturers that offer quality bulbs that are way brighter, than the factory bulbs. You can also check on HID upgrades for your vehicle. Xenon bulbs are brighter than the halogens. However, the installation is not just plug and play, as you will need to install 2 bulbs, 2 ballasts, and a relay harness. Keep in mind, that installation of aftermarket HIDs may require extra drilling and headlight housing modification. When it comes to aftermarket HID kits, here are some reliable brands: Cougar Motor, HID Warehouse, Sylvania HID. Another idea that you may like is getting an LED conversion kit. LEDs are way brighter and last longer, than the HIDs and halogen bulbs. So you can consider LED kits by Hikari, Auxbeam, Opt7 as a good option for your car or truck.
  • Get a set of halo rings installed. Halo rings look aggressive and custom. As a rule, they are hooked up to DRLs and turn on when you turn the ignition on. Sure thing, this modification will not make your headlights any brighter. Though, will definitely jazz up exterior of your vehicle. Here are some manufacturers of halo lights you may want to check: Glowtech, DiodeDynamics, Xprite and others.
  • Get a projector lens installed for better focusing. This is called headlight retrofit. In fact, this is the most expensive mod out of the 3 we have noted. A lens will help you focus the light properly, and is a good idea when you have aftermarket LED or HID conversion kit installed. As a rule, light shops do this job and offer a warranty for it.


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