About Rock Tamers

Rock Tamers is the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty hitch mounted mud flap systems. Their facilities are headquartered in the USA, but these mud flaps are extremely popular in Canada and Australia. Rock Tamers features only 2 major products in their inventory:

  1. Rock Tamers 2″ Hub System (SKU: 00108)
  2. Rock Tamers 2.5″ Hub Mudflap System (SKU: 00110)


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Both seem to be universal products, as the main difference is about the hitch receiver size they are made for. However, specific construction of Rock Tamers mud flaps allow adjusting height, width and many other factors in a system which can make them fit literary any truck, pickup, dually, etc. Rock Tamers mud flap systems are shipped with everything necessary for easy and safe installation.

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